Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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Apostasy - He Who Hungers after Righteousness Shall Be Filled - 25KB

Jesus said, "Unless a man is born again he will never understand the Bible."
the Gentile church ends in APOSTASY, and NOT world-wide revival
Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three Offices or DISPENSATION CLAIMS
Israel, impersonating the Word for a DISPENSATION gone by
Why do the foolish virgin suffer loss and why is it they're not born again?
Anglicans are STILL following their own ideas WITHOUT God
Second Coming is NOT a physical manifestation of the glorified Jesus Christ
He comes THREE times

The Unity of the Faith - 37KB

Faith is a revelation into which Christians "grow" or mature
In his reference to "the unity of the faith," Paul was looking two thousand years into the future
the end-time Bride must be waved in the manifestation of the Sons of God
There is only one Gospel and ONE (1) faith or understanding of God's Word
The Message of this prophet IS Christ
Once you have faith on any part of the Word you can NEVER lose It
In looking for the THIRD or PHYSICAL Coming, they are missing the Second Coming or "parousia"
"shout" of I Thessalonians 4:16 is the Message of the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6
Christ is "the Archangel", Whose "Voice" in the heart of the Bride confirms every Word
"Trump" is the dispensation change, marking the end of the Pentecostal Feast
The "rapture" is a PROCESS of coming into Oneness with Christ the Word
the church has rejected Christ - the revealed WORD, not Jesus, the MAN
the translation, like the beginning of our Christian walk, is by faith

The Roman Empire and Its Significance in The End Time - 47KB

Whenever the pope visits a country, he comes as a head of state
In the last two-thousand years, Rome has been the ruling power
the Roman power survived and still dominates through the Papacy
Bible prophecy of the end time is not concerned with China
The Vatican was the driving force behind the Treaty of Rome
the connection of the church with Fascism and Nazism
the Vatican viewed bolshevism as its political opponent
press release in Madrid after Hitler's death
More than 55 million people lost their lives in World War II
The counter reformation ended with the Second Vatican Council
Constantine was founder of the Roman state church
Many practicing Catholic have difficulties with the church
After the religious and political union, according to Bible prophecy
Most Protestant churches began as a Move of God
The modern thought of unity is based on a misunderstanding

Thus Saith The Lord - Prophecies for THIS Day - 73KB

Union Among the Churches
Destruction of Berlin Wall Marks Revival of Old Roman Empire
There'll Come a Persecution
Quick Message Will Shake all Nations
Race Riots in Los Angeles
1956, America's Last Chance
America is the Prostitute of the Nations
Invasion of the USA
Atomic Destruction
The Vision of 1933
The Laodicean Age
The Last Sign to the Gentile Church
No Judging of Prophets
Satan Hates 'Thus Saith the Lord' Because it Exposes Him
The Prophets Acted as God
Hold on to What I Say to be the Truth
Let's Consult the Prophet
It'll Repeat Again in the Last Days
World is going Insane
You'll Find out One of these Days
Los Angeles Will go Beneath the Ocean

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